Catering Menu – Savoury

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SAVOURY (order by the dozen only)
Mini quiches – spinach & fetta, Lorraine, vegetable & smoked salmon$2.00ea
Curry boxes – lamb, beef, fish or vegetable curry on a bed of rice$7.50ea
Open ratatouille tartlet with vegetables, olives and cheese$2.30ea
Mini pies – beef bourguignon, chicken & vegetable, lamb & beef curry$2.50ea
Mini burgers with smoked salmon & dill$2.50ea
Mini burgers with roast beef & pickle$2.50ea
Mini pizettas – vegetarian, chorizo sausage, ham, cheese & tom$2.00ea
Mini hot dogs or ‘cool’ dogs (min order 24)$2.50ea
Smoked salmon & dill mousse tartlets$2.50ea
Grilled tiger prawns on a bruschetta with a chilli & cocktail sauce$2.50ea
Crab empanadas (min order 24)$2.60ea
Chipolata sausage wrapped in brioche with tomato sauce$2.50ea
Pear & blue cheese tartlets$2.30ea
Tandoori prawn satays$3.00ea





Catering Menu – Sweets

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SWEETS (order by the dozen only)  
Mini lemon tarts$2.20ea
mini croissants $2.20ea
Mini lemon meringues$2.20ea
Mini macadamia and chocolate chip boats$2.20ea
Mini seasonal berry tartlets$2.20ea
Mini eclairs with coffee or hazelnut cream$2.20ea
Mini almond tarts$2.20ea
Mini apple & rhubarb tarts$2.20ea
Mini crème brulee tarts$2.20ea
Mini white chocolate cheesecake squares$2.20ea
Mini chocolate cups (min order 24)$2.20ea
Mini profiteroles dipped in caramel or chocolate$2.20ea
Mini chocolate croissants$2.20ea
Mini danish (fruit or sultana) $2.20ea



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